Nottinghamshire athlete 'absolutely devastated' after being burgled during his mother's funeral

Andy Turner Photo: ITV News Central

Nottinghamshire Olympic athlete Andy Turner has taken to Twitter to appeal for help, after his family home was burgled as he attended his mother's funeral.

Andy, 33 and from Hucknall, said he was "absolutely devastated" by the break-in. His 58-year-old mother died suddenly on October 29. He took to the social networking site to vent his anger.


Please help, my mums funeral today , whilst at the function we were burgled and everything was stolen including my CAR, laptop, phone plus


Absolutely devastated, its hard enough having to bury your mum but tone burgled the same day and have your prize possessions stolen. Gutted

On the day of his mother's death, he had tweeted: "The worst possible end to the worst 8 days of my life".

In the days following, he thanked friends and well-wishers for their support and posted details of the funeral service on his Twitter page.