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A frosty night ahead for some but a sunny start to Wednesday

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham Photo: Dawn Parry

Tonight with clear skies temperatures will take a tumble with a ground frost in rural spots.

TONIGHT EAST MIDLANDS: Dry and cold Credit: ITV News Central
TONIGHT WEST MIDLANDS: Dry and cold Credit: ITV News Central
  • A dry night ahead with clear skies
  • Temperatures falling close to freezing
  • A touch of frost possible in the countryside
  • Should remain frost-free in towns and cities
  • Light wind
EAST MIDLANDS WEDNESDAY: Sunny start, cloudier afternoon Credit: ITV News Central
WEST MIDLANDS WEDNESDAY: Cloud building through the morning Credit: ITV News Central
  • A sunny but cold start to Wednesday
  • Cloud building turning the sunshine hazy by the afternoon
  • The best place for sunshine will be in Lincolnshire
  • It will feel cooler than today at 9c
  • A weather front will bring patchy rain overnight
OUTLOOK: Turning breezy on Thursday Credit: ITV News Central
  • *THURSDAY: *Breezy and cold with the risk of a shower in the north and along the North Sea coast
  • *FRIDAY: *Cloudy and cold
  • *SATURDAY: *Mostly dry but cloudy with some bright spells
  • Cold overnight with the risk of a ground frost in rural spots