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Where the £800m worth of Nottingham roadworks is being spent

Many residents in Nottingham are unhappy at the level of roadworks taking place in the city Photo: David Jones/PA


Nottingham City Council says:

  • Has provided a number of jobs with more than 1,000 people employed on NET Phase Two
  • 50% of those jobs have gone to people living in and around Nottingham
  • The tram service will run every 7.5 minutes throughout the city
  • Average journey times of 15 minutes from QMC to Old Market Square, 20 minutes from Old Market Square to Clifton and 25 minutes from Old Market Square to Beeston


Nottingham City Council says:

  • A top three transport priority for Nottingham's business community
  • Important to allow the city to continue to grow and prosper


Nottingham City Council says:

  • One of Nottingham's busiest routes with up to 50,000 vehicles using it every day
  • Will upgrade junctions at Aspley Lane, Crown Island and Hucknall Road
  • Provides better road facilities for buses, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Reduces traffic congestion

A453 WIDENING (£150M):

Nottingham City Council says:

  • Carries up to 30,000 vehicles a day
  • Improves road capacity for motorists and businesses
  • Reduces congestion and improves safety
  • Estimated boost to the regional economy of £540m