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What could you buy with £12million?

What can you buy with £12million?

The winners of £12million have until 11pm on Wednesday to claim their prize.

Here's what they could buy if they claim the money:

  • You could just about afford 12 homes on the most expensive road in the Midlands, Quarry Park Road in Stourbridge, where average house prices are £1,070,000
  • If you have a passion for heritage, you can pay for the upkeep and maintenance of England’s cathedrals for one year
  • If you're feeling hungry, you can feast on 20,338,983 Dairy Milk chocolate bars
  • Send 387 boys to Eton College at £30,981 per year
  • More than half of Cristiano Ronaldo's yearly wage at Real Madrid
  • Sixty models of the Ferrari 458 Spider