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High Court hearing over reburial of King Richard III's remains

The remains of Richard III were discovered under a council car park Photo: Rui Vieira/PA

Leicester will campaign to have the remains of King Richard III reburied in the city's cathedral, at the High Court in London.

They have been challenged by a group in York, who say the king should be buried there, as he wished.

A full judicial review hearing is to take place at the High Court involving two judges.

A model of the face of King Richard III who was discovered in a Leicester car park Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The hearing will look at the process surrounding the Ministry of Justice's decision to grant a 'section 25 licence' to the University of Leicester. This authorised the University to remove the King's remains from beneath a council car park last year and reinter them. The University subsequently announced it intended the reburial would take place in Leicester Cathedral.

The group that wants the King's final resting place to be York is hoping the section 25 licence will be quashed.

The decision is expected to be given in a few weeks.