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Police 'anti-rape' poem criticised for 'blaming victims'

The Nottinghamshire Police poem has been criticised by a women's charity Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

This is the poem that Nottinghamshire Police hope will stop men taking advantage of women on a night out this Christmas.... but a women's charity has called it "appalling" and "offensive"

Midlands Women's Aid say words in the poem put blame on the victims because of their hair or makeup and the poem trivialises the issue of sexual assault.

The group, which supports victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, have called for the poem to be removed from the Nottinghamshire Police website.

The poem was written by a group of police officers and staff from Nottinghamshire Police based on victim and perpetrator interviews.

Superintendent Helen Chamberlain says the poem was never intended to cause upset.

This is the second Nottinghamshire Police campaign in a week to be criticised. On Monday another festive campaign targeting criminals called - Badvent - had to be renamed after complaints.

Tonight, the force are standing by the poem and refusing to remove it from their website.