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Find out why it is so unsettled and what we can expect over the coming days

River Severn, Tewkesbury Photo: Roger Lane


**Since the start of December the UK has seen a prolonged period of particularly unsettled weather, with a series of storms tracking in off the Atlantic bringing strong winds and heavy rain. It is winter of course so it isn't unusual to see stormy, wet conditions. This is because we see a particularly big difference in temperature between the cold air in the Arctic and the warm air in the tropics at this time of year.This contrast in temperatures means we see a strong jet stream, which is a narrow band of fast moving winds high up in the atmosphere.

The jet stream can guide storms as they come across the Atlantic, and it has been sitting in the right place to bring those storms to the UK over the past few weeks.

There’s also a close link between the jet stream and storms. The jet stream can add to the strength of storms, but then storms can also increase the strength of the jet stream. This positive feedback means storms can often cluster together over a period of time.

However even accounting for the fact that it’s winter, the jet stream has been particularly strong over the past few weeks and it looks like it will remain settled over the next week too.

  • More rain and heavy showers are forecast over the coming days which of course isn't great news for the river levels. The Environment Agency have warnings and alerts in place for the East and West Midlands. If you have any concerns the flood line number is below.
Flood Alerts and Warnings in place as water levels continue to rise Credit: ITV News Central
  • Scattered heavy showers most prone in the north and west with some also feeding up from the Bristol Channel
  • Dry and sunny spells inbetween the showers
  • Breezy
  • Highs of 9/10c
Radar Tuesday - Heavy showers Credit: ITV News Central
  • Scattered showers in the north but many locations getting away with a dry night
  • Frost-free
  • Lows of 5/6
TONIGHT EAST MIDLANDS - Mostly dry Credit: ITV News Central
WEST MIDLANDS TONIGHT - Mostly dry Credit: ITV News Central
  • Heavy showers on Wednesday morning
  • The best of the sunshine in the South
  • Drier and brighter for all of us in the afternoon
  • Lighter winds
  • Highs of 9c
WEDNESDAY EAST MIDLANDS - Dry afternoon Credit: ITV News Central
WEDNESDAY WEST MIDLANDS - Sunny spells in the afternoon Credit: ITV News Central
  • Heavy rain will sweep through the region hitting the West Midlands early evening
  • The heaviest of the rain won't reach the East Midlands until later in the night around midnight
  • Frost-free with lows of 5c
RADAR WEDNESDAY - Heavy rain Wednesday night Credit: ITV News Central
OUTLOOK: Remaining unsettled and turning cooler Credit: ITV News Central
  • Sunshine and showers
  • Chilly overnight into Friday cold and frosty
  • Dry and bright start before cloud builds in the afternoon ahead of more rain on Friday night
  • Cooler but brighter