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Ex-offenders and former drug and alcohol addicts encouraged to scuba dive

They regularly train at the Stoney Cove Diving Centre, thanks to The Carpenter’s Arms, a Loughborough based residential rehabilitation centre for men.

It’s run by Bryan Spence, who set it up 5 years ago to tackle the issue of homelessness.

He believes scuba diving plays a huge part in helping people recover from their addictions. He said:

Scuba diving teaches them to work in a team. It’s a great thing and it helps to boost their self esteem and self discipline.

Daniel Hirons used to be a heroin addict and for years, he was, in his words, a ‘one man crime wave’. His life was transformed after he was introduced to The Carpenter’s Arms. He’s now a support worker there and regularly goes scuba diving.

Daniel said:

It boosts your confidence and helps you trust people. It’s a natural high, something I’ve never had before. You get a real buzz and it’s legal.