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Sunny but feeling colder by this weekend...

Cossall, Derbyshire Photo: Steve Adams

It's turning brighter but cooler by the time we get to Saturday but between now and then we still have more rain on the way.

River levels are still rising and there are Flood Warnings in place from the Environment Agency across the East and West Midlands.

Low Pressure to the North East gave us the rain last night but it's a brighter picture for the rest of Thursday.

Low Pressure in the NE gave us rain last night Credit: ITV News Central
  • Dry and bright just the occasional shower from Liverpool Bay moving into the NW Midlands
  • Blustery, westerly wind
  • Fresher air
  • Highs of 7/8c
  • Dry clear spells
  • Mist and fog patches
  • Rural ground frost
  • Icy patches where we have standing water
  • A cooler night than of late with temperatures close to freezing
High Pressure settling things down for Saturday Credit: ITV News Central
TONIGHT EAST MIDLANDS - Mist patches Credit: ITV News Central
TONIGHT WEST MIDLANDS: Mist patches and frosty Credit: ITV News Central
  • A bright start with a few mist patches but the sunshine will break through especially in the East
  • Staying dry through the morning
  • Cloud building through the day ahead of a weak weather front that will bring us more cloudy and rain
  • The rain will be on and off, not as heavy as recently.
  • Rain will clear through to leave us with a cold, frosty night
EAST MIDLANDS FRIDAY - Turning cloudy and wet Credit: ITV News Central
WEST MIDLANDS FRIDAY - Turning cloudy and wet Credit: ITV News Central
  • Cool, dry and sunny
  • Frosty overnight
  • Widespread frost
  • Cloud building
  • Rain overnight and a cold wind too
  • Unsettled
OUTLOOK - Sunny Saturday Credit: ITV News Central