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Top five embarrassing celebrity moments

After One Direction star Liam Payne's photo has caused controversy amongst his fans, we take a look at five other pictures that have caused embarrassment for celebs.

5. Britney Spears's shaved head

Britney's infamous meltdown started in 2004 after marrying her best friend in Las Vegas, and peaked in 2007 when she famously walked into a LA hairdressers, and shaved her own head. Signifying in a low point in the singers career, Britney is currently well following the release of her eighth studio album, Britney Jean.

Britney this year at the People's Choice Awards, 2014. Credit: Twitter

4. Prince Harry's night in Vegas

In 2012, Prince Harry was photographed in a Las Vegas hotel suite, partying totally naked. After he was caught chatting with bikini-clad fans, he decided to bring the party back to his room for a game of strip billiards.

Prince Harry. Credit: Press Association

3. Christian Bale's "thug"-like rampage

In 2009, Christina Bale unleashed a torrent of abuse at the director of photography on the set of Terminator Salvation. Bale has since apologised, saying he behaved "like a punk".

2. Justin Bieber brothel-scandal

Late last year, during the peak of Justin Bieber's media attention, he was spotted making his way out of one of Brazil's most popular brothels. Security staff tried to cover his identity with a blanket, but a picture of a recent tattoo identified him. Bieber insists that he didn't know that Centaurus was a brothel when he entered.

Justin at the premier of his newest film, Justin Bieber's Believe, 2013. Credit: Press Association

1. Justin Bieber sings naked

The teen pop sensation fills the last two slots on this list. Images have emerged of a 19-year-old Justin Bieber serenading his grandmother, totally naked. With nothing but a guitar to cover himself, Bieber can be seen standing in a doorway playing to his elderly grandmother. Intended as an amusing family moment, the photo has found its way online despite the wishes of the image-conscious pop star.