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Mother who miscarried 20 times has 'miracle' baby thanks to 25p malaria drug

Tyler was born at 28 weeks after his mother Kelly Mosley had had 20 miscarriages Photo: ITV Daybreak

A 25p malaria tablet has helped a woman from Birmingham have a baby after she had 20 miscarriages.

Kelly Moseley, from Chelmsley Wood, kept losing her babies as her body was fighting against her pregnancies.

Kelly Moseley, her partner Alan, and baby Tyler on Daybreak this morning Credit: ITV Daybreak

Kelly has a problem with her immune system, with high natural killer cells.

She got in touch with Dr Hassan Shehata, after seeing him speak on television explaining how he had helped another woman desperate to have a child.

He was able to use the malaria drug to help relax Kelly's immune system, which enabled the body to accept the pregnancy for long enough and Tyler was born at 28 weeks.

Speaking on Daybreak this morning, Kelly Moseley described the 20 miscarriages she had before she was able to have her son Tyler, like a 'vicious circle'.

Dr Hassan Shehata chose to use the drug, which has been around for more than 70 years, even though it is normally used to treat things like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.