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Council tax to increase by 1.99% in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council says it will have made £822m of cuts during 2010-2018 Photo: PA Wire

Birmingham City Council has confirmed that a thousand jobs will go as it tries to cut spending by eight hundred and twenty two million pounds over four years.

It will also put up council tax by almost two per cent. Children's play areas and some community libraries will close, but extra money has been found for parks, litter collections and services for older people. The council leader Sir Albert Bore blamed "unfair" funding from Central Government.


  • £87.5m cuts to the budget in the next year.
  • £882m over four years.
  • 1,000 jobs will go.
  • Council Tax will go up by 1.99%


  • End funding for housing support services for the Elderly in sheltered housing.
  • New charges for waste collection
  • Most children's play areas will close
  • Three youth centres could close
  • Four community libraries could close
  • Opening hours at the Library of Birmingham to be cut


  • Safeguarding Children Department will receive a funding increase of £9.2m
  • An extra £1.6m will go to services for Older People.
  • An extra £2m will go to the city's parks
  • £700,000 has been found for street cleaning in litter hotspots.