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Horses die in flooded field

Horses living on a flooded plain near Leicester Photo: Mark Johnson

Concern is growing for horses living on a flooded plain known as Fosse Park in Leicester. Distressing pictures posted on Facebook have resulted in more than 20,000 people joining a campaign to help them. The pictures include one horse sitting in floodwater and the carcass of another horse. The pictures were posted by farrier Mark Johnson, who also called the RSPCA. The animal charity says they are "monitoring the situation".

"The RSPCA is aware of concerns for the horses currently at Fosse Park, we would like to reassure the public that we do attend regularly when called out and we are in contact with the owners of these horses.

A horse sitting in floodwater Credit: Mark Johnson

After receiving the call, the animal charity rescued a horse that had collapsed on the field. The horse was unable to stand and was "deteriorating fast" so a decision was made to put the animal down, according to the RSPCA. An officer checked the rest of the field and found a second horse's corpse. Both bodies have since been removed. Leicester City Council say the land is privately owned and they are aware of the situation.