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The great Chop and Wok con: How it happened

A popular pan-Asian chain of takeaways was created and expanded using hundreds of thousands of pounds stolen by a bank worker, an investigation has exposed.

The successful Chop and Wok chain - which had two branches in Birmingham city centre as well as others in Sutton Coldfield, Quinton and Shirley - was set up in 2008 by Lloyds TSB worker Amarjit Singh.

The Chop and Wok in Suffolk Street, Birmingham city centre Credit: Google Maps

Singh created a fraudulent £100,000 overdraft for his brother-in-law and Abdul Kaium, who were to be the "legitimate faces" of the business.

The first restaurant was set up in Suffolk Street Queensway in the city centre, with another branch in Cannon Street following shortly afterwards.

The Chop and Wok in Sutton Coldfield Credit: Google Maps

Singh, aged 33, of Landgate Road, Handsworth, then signed off on a £240,000 loan for Kaium - who even went on to win the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012 by the Black Country Asian Business Association for his management of the brand.

Amarjit Singh Credit: West Midlands Police

The loan was supposed to be for a new pharmaceutical supplies business, and Kaium, also 33, of Broadyates Road in Yardley, pretended to be a qualified pharmacist.

But bank bosses cottoned on in 2011 when they realised one of the locations said to be used as a pharmaceutical warehouse was actually one of the Chop and Wok restaurants.

Abdul Kaium Credit: West Midlands Police

Both men have now been jailed.

Singh was sentenced to four years after admitting money laundering and fraud by abuse of position.

And Kaium - who even used some of the money to buy himself a house - was found guilty of money laundering in November 2013. He was given two year and nine months behind bars.

The Chop and Wok in Hagley Road West, Quinton Credit: Google Maps