1. ITV Report

West Midlands video update: Cold with showers


Rather cold and windy with a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers, the showers heavy at times, with the risk of hail and thunder, and possibly wintry over hills. Showers may merge into more persistent rain towards the evening. Maximum temperature 10 deg C (50 deg F).


A narrow band of persistent rain clearing through the evening to leave clear spells and scattered showers, locally heavy and wintry over hills. Breezy and cold with icy patches. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).


Unsettled with sunshine and showers, wintry in places, mainly over higher ground. Showers may merge into longer spells of rain and hill snow at times. Remaining windy and rather cold. Maximum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Cold, windy and showery into Sunday, with heavy and possibly wintry showers, but conditions improving. Dry and frosty start on Monday before rain spreads east, with further rain by Tuesday.