1. ITV Report

East Midlands weather forecast: Sunshine and showers


Bright spells and becoming warm for many areas, especially in the east, although the Lincolnshire coast will be cooler and rather misty. Scattered heavy, thundery showers are likely to affect western areas, with isolated showers possible further east. Maximum temperature 18 deg C (64 deg F).


Evening showers over Derbyshire dying away then a generally dry night with mist or fog patches, especially near the coast. Minimum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).


Mist or fog to start but bright or hazy sunny spells developing and still feeling warm inland, although an increasing chance of scattered thundery showers. Maximum temperature 16 deg C (61 deg F).

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Friday, cloudy start with showers but brighter and mainly dry later. Saturday, a bright start but increasingly cloudy and breezy with showers developing then cloudy, wet and windy on Sunday.