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A night to remember ... Gary Barlow superfan to get tattoo after LG Arena Serenade

A Gary Barlow super fan from Walsall, who was serenaded on stage at last night's concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham. has vowed to get a tattoo to remember the experience.

Customer service manager Hayley Tatton was called up on stage in front of the 13,000 strong audience after Gary announced he wanted to sing A Million Love Songs to just one person.

“I did the heart-shape with my hands and he said, ‘you’,” she explained.

Hayley's 'Barlow eye view' on stage at the LG Arena last night Credit: BPM Media

“I thought, this is not happening and I was nudged by my friends and sister who were saying, ‘go, go’. At first security didn’t move the rope. I thought, ‘he hasn’t picked me and I’ve made an idiot of myself’.’’

Far from being bashful, Hayley took video as her idol sang. She even plucked up the courage to snap a selfie with the hit-maker as he played piano.

“I really got involved, I was waving my arms. There was a tambourine on the piano and I picked it up and started playing. He said, ‘you are amazing’. My sister was crying all the time.’’

Hayley still made time to take a selfie in front of the 13,000 strong audience Credit: BPM Media

The ballad quickly turned into a duet, with the 27-year-old singing lyrics back to Gary, last night being the 37th time she's seen him perform live.

Her antics brought cheers from the envious fans in the sell-out Birmingham arena.

Hayley has vowed to 'Never Forget' the night by having the date and tour title, Since I Saw You Last, tattooed on her leg.

After the unbelievable encounter, there’s only one thing missing from Hayley’s life - a man. “I’m single,” she laughed. “I’m holding my heart out for Gary.”

The singer, on tour to promote his first solo album for 14 years, was supported on the night by Eliza Doolittle. He’s back at the arena on April 19.

And judging by his comments after Tuesday’s concert, the X Factor judge can’t wait to return. He announced: “What a legend crowd! Birmingham thank you.”