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Birmingham designer makes first 'everlasting shoe'

The 'everlasting shoe' created in Birmingham Photo: BPM Media

A designer from Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter has created the first 'everlasting shoe'.

Chris Shellis has crafted the footwear out of stainless steel and solid silver, and gives customers a 1000 year guarantee on the stilettos.

Chris Shellis with another piece of his work Credit: BPM Media

But the price of the shoes stand at £995, although they are not the most expensive pair sold by the designer of the Borgezie Riviera.

I’ve got shoes coming out for £200,000, but I wanted to make something iconic that would be in the reach of the average woman.

They’re a good investment – women could even hand them down to their granddaughters. I know what women go through wearing heels. They take them off and have bunions and blisters everywhere.

These shoes are comfy without compromising on looks.

I’ve had models wearing them for 10 hours a day up and down the catwalk – there’s no real pressure points.

– Chris Shellis