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Drop in new scarlet fever cases in the East Midlands

Scarlet fever causes a distinctive pink-red rash Photo: ITV News Central

Figures from Public Health England show a decline in the number of new cases of scarlet fever being recorded weekly in the East Midlands.

March saw a real surge in cases, as 202 were recorded in the last week of the month.

In the weeks ending April 20 and 27, however, 46 and 50 cases were reported respectively.

Scarlet fever can normally be treated with antibiotics. Credit: ITV News Central

The total number of cases recorded in the East Midlands so far this year is still eight times greater than in 2013, however, with 1,316 cases reported until the end of April, compared to 156 in the same four-month period last year.

Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease, most common between the ages of two and eight. There is no vaccine but it can normally be treated with antibiotics.

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