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How to inspire pupils: A teacher's guide

James Willis accepting his award for primary school teaching this morning Photo: ITV News Central

According to the definition laid out in the dictionary, 'inspiration' means: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.

On National Thank A Teacher Day - and in light of James Willis' award this morning - the website wikiHow, has put together a guide of how to be an inspirational teacher.

1.) Have empathy

Creating empathy is about bonding with your students. Laugh and cry with them.

2.) Positive mental attitude

The stresses of working with young people especially those with attitudinal and behavioural problems can sometimes be immense. This is the time you need to be strong.

3.) Improve your verbal skills

Every great teacher is a great orator. Keep your students focused and interested just by talking to them then you are doing a great job.

4.) Show respect

Respect every human being that is in your classroom. Talk to them like you would talk to your closest friends.

5.) Treat students as individuals

Know your students inside and out. They are all different individuals.

6.) Realise how lucky you are to be a teacher

The day a teacher realizes that they have been given a great gift - the power to change lives, is the day an inspirational teacher is born.

To see the list in full and in greater detail, click here.

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