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'Thunderbirds are GO!': See if you can pull the strings and name the famous faces

Thousands of people are expected at RAF Cosford this weekend for a convention for fans of programme's like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and Stingray.

They're among the most iconic TV shows of the 60's - and fans can take a trip down memory lane with some of the original puppets going on the show.

It includes some collectors from the Midlands, who have amassed an incredible collection worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Thunderbirds was filmed between 1964 and 1966, airing for the first time on September 30th 1965 Credit: ITV News Central

To celebrate the occasion, we want to see if you can put a name to some of these famous plastic faces:

1.) Who's this wearing blue?

Scott Tracy, Captain Scarlett or Brains...

Arguably the pivotal member of International Rescue Credit: ITV News Central

2.) The original advocate for 'girl-power', can you name this leading lady?

Here's a clue, she's a lady in more ways than one...

Her pink car was the envy of girls around the world Credit: ITV News Central

3.) What rank is the chap in the middle?

Captain or Lieutenant...

The Mysterons were all too familiar with this fella Credit: ITV News Central

4.) Possibly the most famous face to be seen behind a wheel in television history, who's this character?

A clue, he was sometimes called 'nosey'...

He left a life of crime for a life of service Credit: ITV News Central

5.) Not Thunderbirds this time, so what famous show are these two characters from?

Stingray or Captain Scarlett? Give yourself a bonus point if you can name them both too...

These two were part of a formidable team led by the title character Credit: ITV News Central


1.) Scott Tracy

2.) Lady Penelope

3.) Captain (Captain Ochre)

4.) Parker

5.) Captain Scarlett - Captain Magenta and Captain Grey