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Weekend weather: Yellow warning of rain

Norton Lindsey, Warwickshire Photo: Dave Atkinson

It’s set to be a turbulent bank holiday weekend, with heavy showers on the way - but with the promise of the odd bit of sunshine, too.

A yellow warning of rain has been issued for both the East and West Midlands for throughout today.

Norton Lindsey, Warwickshire Credit: Dave Atkinson

It will start off bright in the west early on - but those sunny intervals will become fewer and further between as the day wears on, with heavy, slow-moving showers moving in from the south-west and heading north.

There may be some thunder around as well.

The east may get the odd bright spell in the afternoon, but the cool wind will persist so don’t expect the temperature to top 16C (61F).

Grey skies over the Guildhall in Derby Credit: Andrew Hudson

As for the rest of the Bank Holiday, it will remain cloudy tomorrow with the rain persisting across both regions on the cards.

However, things look set to brighten up by Monday, with more sun and only the occasional shower to dampen the holiday spirit.

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