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Hereford United owner gives statement on Conference drop

Hereford United owner Tommy Agombar gives statement on expulsion from the Football Conference Photo: Hereford United

Speaking on the Hereford United website last night, Hereford United owner Tommy Agombar gave this statement following the club's expulsion from the Football Conference. He said:

"The club was not in a position to pay the Football Conference's requirement of a £350,000 bond. A bond that we could not touch during the season. Neither Macclesfield Town or Salisbury City were put in the same position as we were regarding this.

"I am truly gutted that this situation has arisen, I bought the club in the knowledge that I was buying a Conference Premier side, but the amount of debt that we have discovered, and have to now deal with, has brought about unwanted changes to our initial plans.

"I have today made sure that payments are being made to both staff and creditors, and we will also be sorting out payments to Martin Foyle and HMRC this month.

"I am fully behind the club and will be making every effort possible to get it back to where it belongs, The Football League.

"When I came into the club I had a three-year plan to take the club forward and back into the League, the recent happenings have turned that into a four or five-year plan, but I'm still determined to turn it around for Hereford United. I want us to hit the ground running in the 2014/15 season and get this club back on track on the field and off it.

"I want to prove to United fans that we are serious, and we'll be putting together a team to prove that we are. We will have quality players coming into our club.

"I'm keen to talk to supporters as soon as I can and we will arrange a Fans Forum at the earliest possible opportunity".

– Tommy Agombar, Hereford United Owner