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Schoolboy footballer wins damages

Kaine Beckett was dropped by Walsall FC after the injury Photo: ITV Central

The father of an aspiring footballer who lost his professional contract when he was unable to play for months because hospital staff failed to diagnose and treat a fracture to his foot has spoken out in the hope lessons are learnt.

Seventeen-year-old Kaine Beckett from Sutton Coldfield secured an undisclosed settlement from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to cover costs for his ongoing treatment, rehabilitation and lost earnings.

The football mad youngster was released from his professional football contract with Walsall Football Club (WFC) before it was due to expire after being unable to play or keep up with his intensive training regime for nearly a year.

Kaine, was reviewed by a WFC physiotherapist after being injured in a tackle whilst playing a professional game in October 2010 and was advised to attend hospital as it was likely he had fractured a bone in his foot.

He was given an X-ray at the Walsall Manor Hospital Accident and Emergency Department but told there was no fracture, just a bad sprain and that he should rest it for 48 hours.

At a second visit to the hospital he was told his foot was healing well.

It was not until he went to see a specialist in sports injuries in April 2011 that he was given an MRI scan and he was eventually diagnosed with a fracture to his fifth metatarsal.

Kaine is excited about the World Cup like most 17-year-old lads but as he sees the young talent coming out onto the pitch in Brazil, I know it is a painful reminder of what he has now lost. Hopefully the settlement will allow him to get specialist treatment and he will quickly get back to fitness, giving him a chance to fulfil his footballing potential.

– Sean Beckett, Kaine's father

We would like to apologise that on these two occasions there was a failure to identify the abnormality on Kaine’s x-ray. The full details of this settlement are confidential; however, we would like to further offer our sincere apologies for any distress that this has caused.

– Mr Amir Khan, Medical Director, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust