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New JLR business expected to expand rapidly

The Jaguar F Type Photo: ITV News Central

This new Jaguar Land Rover business is expected to expand rapidly, according to the boss, John Edwards. He used to head up the Land Rover operation - an indication of the importance JLR attaches to this new venture.

The new version of the F Type has been built in the company's existing factories. It started out as just a concept with no real aim of it going into production - but when they built it they realised this could be another important arm of the Jaguar Land Rover business - and create jobs.

The rear of the convertible Jaguar F Type Credit: ITV News Central

Which is why they have decided to build a new mini plant somewhere in the Midlands. Contracts and planning permissions have not been signed off yet, which is why they can not say where the new building will be.

The new venture will create jobs in the Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

They will soon bring out a new version of a Range Rover and they are offering to service the old Jaguar sports cars like the E Type. They are making six replicas of the lightweight E-Type. Only 12 were built.

The new F Type was code-named Project 7 - a reference to the seven times that Jaguar has won Le Mans - with among others - the D Type - on which the new car is loosely based.