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Bhangra stars at protest anniversary film premiere

Stars from the Midlands bhangra music scene united in Birmingham this week for the premiere of a film that looks at the issue of the 1984 anti-Sikh troubles in India, and the families caught up in the resulting conflicts.

Birmingham-based singers/producers Sukhshinda Shinda, Jazzy B, Dr Zeus, B21 and many more were among the high-profile stars attending the "Punjab 1984" gathering at Star City in Birmingham.

Music stars Sukhshinda Shinda (left) and Jazzy B (right) at the premiere in Birmingham Credit: Punjab2000

Diljit Dosanjh, a popular singer-actor, plays the lead role in the film. It looks at families caught up in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India. Many Midlands-based Asian families are still asking for justice from authorities in India over the events.

A poster for the new film release "Punjab 1984" Credit: B4U music films

The premiere was organised by Leamington-Spa based charity Dharam Seva Records.

Volunteers at the Leamington Spa-based charity Dharam Seva organised the film event Credit: Punjab2000

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