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Zombie apocalypse cancelled at abandoned Birmingham hospital

The zombie paintball experience was set to take place at the now abandoned Selly Oak Hospital Photo: BPM Media (Midlands)

A company which was planning to stage a 'zombie' paintball game at an abandoned Birmingham hospital, has been told it is not permitted to do so after the whistle was blown on the event.

Organisers at ZombieXperience have been forced to pull the plug after the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust received a tip-off and threatened to involve the police.

The planned shoot-out was scheduled to take place on July 5th at the now disused Selly Oak Hospital, which is partly demolished.

The block once used as an ambulance bay was to be transformed into 'Site Zero' Credit: BPM Media (Midlands)

A spokesman for the NHS Trust in Birmingham said:

We have made contact with the organisers and our security manager has let them know that they do not have permission to hold this event on Trust property – and it is certainly not a safe site to do so!

As a result, the organisers have cancelled the ‘zombie invasion’.

He went on to say how those taking part would be risking life and limb by entering the 'unsafe' 17-acre property and that such an event was in breach of health and safety regulations.

The site does have a permanent security presence, is securely fenced off and covered with CCTV. Any attempts at trespassing will fail and result in the police being called.

A large proportion of the site is now a demolition site. Organisers would not only be risking their own safety, but the health of others.

– Birmingham NHS Trust spokesman

Selly Oak Hospital became redundant after the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital was unveiled in 2011 and the site is set to be transformed into a 650-home village.

The word ‘Help’ had been scrawled in fake blood on hospital swing-doors ahead of the event Credit: BPM Media (Midlands)

The only clue as to where the paintball event was to be held were in the shape of sickening images of the hospital on the ZombieXperience website - showing blood-stained labs, bathrooms and corridors ahead of the event.

90 people had spent upwards of £60 for tickets and were set to be collected from Birmingham and escorted to the mystery location dubbed 'Site Zero'.

Ironically, University Hospitals Birmingham claim on their website to "take infection control very seriously” Credit: BPM Media (Midlands)

Dan Hatton, founder of the Gloucester-based company, also claims to have secured a deal to stage similar events at Ashwell Prison in Rutland and a disused factory in Coventry.

Prior to the cancellation of this latest event, the 33-year-old said in a recent interview:

Right from day one the interest in my business has been quite extraordinary, off the scale really. There seems to be a huge thirst for my events.

The entrepreneur launched his business a year ago with help from a £6,000 government start-up loan.

But despite his success, he will now have to find a different hospital for his next zombie invasion.