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Central Weather: More rain to come. Where and when?

Atherstone, Warwickshire Photo: Steve Stain

Many of us saw some heavy showers yesterday which gave us a good 10-15mm of much needed rain. The gardens will be getting another good watering over the next few days in eastern areas. West is best if you are after drier and brighter weather tomorrow.

So what's happening, why all the rain and when will we see it?

A Warm Front is edging our way from the North Sea. It will make some headway on the Lincolnshire coast by around 6/7pm tonight. It will tend to linger in the east throughout tonight. The heaviest of the rain will be in Lincolnshire but a Yellow Alert has been issued by the Met Office for the entire East Midlands between 5am tomorrow and 8am on Friday

It will also be windy. We are already recording gusts of 35mph in North Lincolnshire.

Temperatures will be suppressed tomorrow with highs of 17c in the East Midlands.

PRESSURE CHART TODAY: A Warm Front is approaching Credit: ITV News Central
PRESSURE CHART THURSDAY: The cloud and rain lingering in the east Credit: ITV Central

Will the West Midlands see any rain?

No it look as though it will remain dry overnight and tomorrow. The most we will get is an increase in cloud across Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

We do have another system moving in from the west, so although the west will be drier and brighter the cloud and sunshine will get squeezed through the day and we will see reduced amounts of sunshine as the day progresses.

The temperatures will vary depending on sunshine amounts but the warmest locations will be in the south-west of the region with highs of 23c

What about today?

You can confidently leave your brolly at home today with dry weather across the region and plenty of sunny spells too. Expect highs of 22c but it will be breezy.

Weekend Outlook

Over the next two days we will import humid air from the North Sea so it will feel much warmer this weekend with highs of 23c. However there will also be lots of moisture in the air and as result it will be rather cloudy.

Expect sunny spells and showers throughout the weekend.

There is always a chance that showers will be heavy as the heat of the sun means there is more energy in the atmosphere.

Temperatures will return to 20/21c by Sunday but there is a still a risk of showers



Pollen will be low to moderate tomorrow in the rain and moderate on Friday and across the weekend.