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Mother & baby's miracle escape as van crashes into front garden

The van which ploughed into the front garden in Mapperley this morning Photo: ITV News Central

A mother and baby from Nottinghamshire have had a lucky escape after a van ploughed into their front garden, narrowly missing them.

It happened at 9.00am this morning as Jill Thomas was leaving her home on Coronation Road in Mapperley to take her two children to the park.

The van collided with a car and veered off the road through a hedge in front of Ms Thomas's house where she was standing holding her nine month old son Seth in her arms. She leapt out of the way and ran back into the house as the van came to a halt.

The van narrowly missed the mother and child when it hit the hedge at 9:00am Credit: ITV News Central

The mother of two was left badly shaken but neither she nor her baby son were injured.

Residents on the street say it was an accident waiting to happen and it was only luck that prevented a tragedy. They say motorists regularly ignore signs forbidding cars from using the street except for access.

Just seven days ago, one resident even lodged a complaint with Nottinghamshire County Council, demanding action to stop drivers using the road as a rat-run.

Chris Charnley, of the council's highways department, said:

"We are unable to comment on this morning’s incident as we don’t know the full circumstances and will have to wait for the police report into it.

“The access only signs have been in place for some time in the area and all are lit and clearly visible.

“Issues relating to the existing signing, additional signing, traffic calming, junction improvements, one way systems, stopping up the road and maintenance have all been explored.

“However, many of these changes would require considerable investment which would be difficult to justify.

“It all comes down to driver behaviour. People using this stretch of road as a cut-through are committing an offence and the police do have the power to enforce it.”