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'Headbutt' referee gets lifetime ban for alleged attack on fellow official

A football referee has been banned for life for allegedly head butting a fellow referee during a junior football match.

Birmingham County Football Association has imposed the lifetime ban on Julian Workman after an incident in March involving another official on the car park of Redditch United.

Julian Workman was said to be coaching a junior team at the time Credit: BPM Media

It happened during a match where Mr Workman was coaching a junior team.

He admits he has been subject of a misconduct charge and ban, but denies head butting anybody, and is appealing the ruling.

Birmingham County FA confirmed the lifetime ban and that an appeal has been lodged, to be heard before September.

Redditch United FC is a non-league club in Credit: BPM Media

Some parents involved with the club are now calling for disciplinary action to be taken against Mr Workman, who has been banned from refereeing but is still Junior Secretary of the non-league club.

One parent said:

“I hope that the club takes appropriate action. He oversees all of the youth teams and is supposed to set a positive example to the youngsters.

“It’s ridiculous that you can be banned from refereeing, but can continue to hold official positions at the football club.

– Parent

Mr Workman said there had been an incident at Redditch United’s car park at Valley Stadium, but did not disclose details.

He added:

“I have had my referee badge revoked because of a misconduct charge by the FA, but it’s from a letter that has come in from the person accusing me of a number of things, including a headbutt, which I totally deny and there is no evidence of. “It has nothing to do with football and I have no idea why they have taken my badge away and that is why I am appealing.”

– Julian Workman
Redditch United Chairman Chris Swan said the first I became aware of this ruling he was leaving the country, and he intends to discuss it fully with Mr Workman when he returns. Credit: BPM Media

Redditch United Chairman Chris Swan said that Mr Workman protests his innocence and that he will be appealing.

He went on to say:

“The club does not condone aggressive behaviour or any deviation from the high standards it sets for all it’s officers, on or off the field, at any level.”

– Redditch United Chairman Chris Swan