1. ITV Report

Staying very warm, with further thunderstorms likely


Thundery showers, with torrential downpours, hail and squally winds are likely throughout the day. However there will also be drier and brighter intervals for most areas, and although less hot than Friday, it will remain very warm and humid. Maximum temperature 29 deg C (84 deg F).

Tonight: Thundery showers gradually easing northwards through the evening to leave a mainly dry night with variable cloud amounts and some possible localised mist patches. Minimum temperature 14 deg C (57 deg F).

Sunday: A day of sunshine and showers. The showers are likely to be heavy with possible thunder at times, but less frequent and intense than on Saturday. Remaining warm. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).


More general thundery rain will soon clear north in the morning with some sunny spells developing, but further thunderstorms with local hail are likely from mid-afternoon. Feeling hot and humid. Maximum temperature 27 deg C (81 deg F).

Tonight: Remaining warm and humid overnight with further thundery showers likely at first, but becoming mostly dry and rather cloudy at times later. Minimum temperature 15 deg C (59 deg F).

Sunday: Mostly dry at first with some sunny spells, but showers are likely to develop by the afternoon and become locally heavy and thundery. Remaining warm but a little less humid. Maximum temperature 25 deg C (77 deg F).