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Behind the scenes in a primary school head's office

Filming a fly-on-the-wall style series inside a primary school was always going to pose some challenging issues, and producing the "Head's Tales" features took a good deal of planning.

The aim of the series was to follow head teacher Sarah Moore's every move, and to do this, we needed to have more than the usual single camera crew we would assign to a normal news story.

Sarah's role is Credit: ITV News Central

As we couldn't be there to catch every moment ourselves, we got Sarah to wear a small personal camera strapped around her chest and fixed up another one in her office.

It was the only way we were going to be able to get to see everything involved in Sarah's job.

During planning for the series, myself and ITV News Central camera operator Kelly Wright met with Sarah on several occasions to agree how we would go about the filming.

A camera was fitted in Sarah's office Credit: ITV News Central

It was essential that there was complete trust to ensure Sarah was happy with the process, as were Nottinghamshire County Council. The team also had to take care over identifying vulnerable children.

Oak Tree Primary School serves a disadvantaged council estate in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire and has a number of pupils whose faces couldn't be shown on screen.

Filming took place between June 9 and 13. During the preceding week, we fitted Sarah with her personal camera so both she and the school would become used to it and the children would not behave any differently when it came to actual filming.

The camera Sarah fitted to her chest Credit: ITV News Central

I wanted the series to show how varied and demanding Sarah's role is, and how she often has to abandon her plans to cope with a particular incident or development in school.

Nowhere was this more evident than on our first day of filming when a freak storm cause flash floods in some of the classrooms. Sarah was suddenly dealing with a crisis which she had never experienced before in her nine years as a head.

Sarah says she wanted to show the school in a good light Credit: ITV News Central

Many will feel it was a brave decision by Sarah to allow TV cameras into her school.

She says she agreed to do it in the hope that it would show Oak Tree Primary in a good light, and illustrate the great work the staff and pupils do every day.

I hope that when you see the series this week, you'll agree she made the right decision.

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