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Head's Tales: Who is the headteacher?

In her nine years as a headteacher, Sarah Moore has been in charge of two primary schools in Nottinghamshire - and they could not be more different.

Her first school was Orston Primary in the well-heeled village of Orston near Bingham. It has 120 pupils and serves a rural area. In 2010, Sarah hit the headlines when Ofsted judged the school to be "outstanding" in every inspection category.

Sarah is now head of Oak Tree Primary Credit: ITV News Central

In September 2012, Sarah took over as head of Oak Tree Primary, which serves the Oak Tree estate in Mansfield. Many of the 280 pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the school receives a large amount of pupil premium funding as a result. Six out of ten children are eligible for free school meals. Most arrive at the school well below the expected level for their age and the challenge for Sarah and her staff team is to ensure they progress sufficiently during their time at Oak Tree.

One of Sarah's top priorities when she became head was to engage with parents and ensure that they gave as much support as possible to their children's learning.

She also uses a varied system of rewards to motivate the children. One of the most successful is her Goose Award, in which children nominate their peers in recognition of good things they've done, emulating the teamwork and support displayed by geese when they fly in formation.

In tonight's second part of our fly-on-the-wall series, "Head's Tales", we find out how, on top of her normal headship duties, Sarah teaches a Year 1 class once a week, and see how she responds when a boy suffers a suspected dislocated shoulder in a PE lesson.

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