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Behind the camera in the headteacher's office

When our Education Correspondent Peter Bearne initially told me he was going to be filming a week's worth of features on a headteacher, I thought we would struggle to get enough interesting material.

How wrong I was!

The days I spent filming with Sarah Moore were fast-paced and jam-packed with variety including teaching, meetings, looking at pupils' assessments, dealing with phone calls and being taxi-driver for a trip to hospital with a pupil.

One of the ITV News cameramen in action Credit: ITV News Central

l'd love to know how many miles we walked a day through those school corridors! From the moment I arrived at Oak Tree Primary, the camera lived on my shoulder! It was pretty much non-stop filming all over the school -

Sarah was always in great demand, be it from a member of staff or a pupil. The days and time in general just flew past so quickly.

From my perspective, these fly-on-the-wall features presented a different way of working. Camera operators in news are very much used to filming everything as it happens on the one camera.

The camera worn fitted to Sarah's chest Credit: ITV News Central

Self-directing means while we are filming one thing, we are already working out in our heads what we want to film next in order to give a variety of camera shots for editing.

On this story, we had a mini camera set up for shots in the office, hall or school kitchen that could be operated remotely from our phones.

Wearing a second camera, Sarah was able to operate this herself providing pictures from her point of view.

Filming in Sarah's office Credit: ITV News Central

All of these shots from different angles and perspectives helped to compliment those filmed by myself and fellow cameraman Ewhen Kurlak.

It also meant I worked differently as I was able to focus more on getting specific shots - good job really as the amount of filming required was still full-on. I thought my job involved a lot of multi-tasking but the role of a headteacher is at another level altogether.

To Sarah and all headteachers out there doing an amazing job - I salute you!

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