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Head's Tales: A week in the life of a primary headteacher

A headteacher is only as good as the team around them, and recruiting the right staff is crucial to a school's fortunes.

Sarah Moore has around 50 staff under her at Oak Tree Primary School and some of them have followed her from other schools.

Sarah's closest colleague is her deputy, Marie Gash. Credit: ITV News Central

Sarah's closest colleague is her deputy, Marie Gash, who was acting headteacher just before Sarah took charge. It was a year during which she got a real taste of the demands of the job, but she wasn't sorry to hand over the reins. Marie says it's a thankless task which is non-stop from the moment you walk in the door.

The staff team work hard, but play hard too, and during our week's filming it was clear the teachers and support staff like to have a bit of fun.

The staff team work hard, but play hard too. Credit: ITV News Central

Every morning, they had a surprise in store for Sarah when she walked into the staff room for her daily briefing. One day, they turned their back on her as she came through the door - doing the "Poznan" favoured by Manchester City football fans. On another occasion, they all had digital cameras or smartphones strapped to their chests, mimicking the personal camera Sarah wore throughout the week.

But they saved the best for our last day of filming. Sarah entered the staff room to find it empty, apart from an envelope with clues sending her on a treasure trail to track down her staff.

These were the clues to various classrooms - can you solve them?

  1. How many runs do you get for hitting a boundary in cricket?
  2. What's the square root of 25?
  3. How many deadly sins are there?
  4. How many players in a football team?

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