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Swan shot nine times in canal attack

The swan was shot nine times with airgun pellets Photo: BPM Media

A swan has survived an attack in which it was shot nine times at a canal in Birmingham. X-ray pictures below show the terrible injuries suffered by the swan after it was attacked with an airgun.

X-rays show the injuries to the swan Credit: BPM Media

The attack happened near the guillotine lock on Lifford Lane at Kings Norton. Pellets can be seen lodged in the bird's neck and head. One pellet had gone through the swan's eye.

X-ray images show the swan's injuries Credit: BPM Media

Linda Whiston contacted the RSPCA after being alerted to the bird covered in blood as she walked her dogs on Monday morning. She also discovered a dead cygnet also believed to have been shot. She said:

"A woman came rushing up to me, in floods of tears. She told me a family of swans which had been on the canal for weeks had been shot. I found the male swan on the far bank. His head and chest was covered in blood.

– Linda Whiston
The canal at Lifford Lane at Kings Norton Credit: BPM Media

The RSPCA took the male swan for treatment in Worcester. X-rays revealed it had been shot nine times with an air rifle. The swan is described as being in a very poorly condition and is being closely monitored. RSPCA inspector Jon Ratcliffe said:

"I am absolutely appalled and sickened that someone has fired so many shots at this bird with a clear intention of causing pain and suffering."

– RSPCA Inspector Jon Ratcliffe