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Grandmother first woman in UK to have growth removed through her nose

Photo: BPM Media

A Grandmother of nine from Shropshire has become the first woman in the UK to have a growth removed through her nose at a hospital in Birmingham.

Maureen Lansdale from Telford was suffering from an abnormality in her brain which had left her bed-bound and suffering from short-term memory loss.

The procedure was carried out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston, after the growth became so big it was in danger of causing a stroke.

I had suffered terrible headaches sometimes the pain was so bad I wondered how my head could stand it. I thought it might explode. It got so bad that I couldn’t do anything and would stay in bed. It affected me physically and mentally. I couldn’t think properly. I remember being with my son once, and he popped away for a minute. When he came back, I couldn’t remember his name – or that of my daughter."

– Maureen Lansdale
Maureen Lansdale Credit: BPM Media

Maureen said she had tried to keep some kind of life going as she didn't want her illness to win. Surgeons had suggested another method of removal but the risk of blindness was too high.

After advice from her surgeon Maureen was told about a new way to remove the abnormality which had never been done at the QE before or anywhere else in Europe.

Maureen’s aneurysm was located at the base of her brain. Using the nostrils as natural corridors to the malformation, we were able to surgically remove the abnormality in a much less invasive way.”

– Dr Paluzzi, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

She has now returned home since her operation in June and while she still suffers headaches but doctors are hopeful that these will fade in time.

Now Maureen is backing QEHB Charity’s Brain Surgery Appeal, which aims to raise £250,000 to buy three pieces of new equipment that will allow more patients to access such non-invasive surgery.

She has now returned home since her operation in June Credit: BPM Media