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Titanic enthusiast creates replica dining room in shed

Titanic enthusiast John Siggins has created a replica dining room in his shed Credit: Caters News Agency

A Titanic enthusiast has turned the inside of his garden shed into a replica of the famous ship's dining room.

John Siggins, from Ripley in Derbyshire, has spent 25 years constructing his masterpiece which sits at the end of his garden.

It features an original blanket, wood panels from the ship’s sister liner and everything has been assembled by hand.

The ‘outdoor museum’ is not fully completed yet, but John and his wife were able to enjoy last year’s Christmas dinner in true Titanic-style.

John and his wife enjoyed Christmas dinner in the dining room last year Credit: Caters News Agency

62-year-old John confesses that he probably could have bought a small house with the same amount of money, but he sees his creation as a tribute to the era.

It's history. I buy it all because it's close to my heart.

And this is how I want to see it.

– John Siggins
The cabin still requires some work before it is completely finished Credit: Caters News Agency