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Graduate takes to streets with placard asking for a job

Luke Wheatley and his placard Photo: ITV News Central

Educated. Graduated. Morale just a touch deflated. Luke Wheatley is tired of waiting by his computer for opportunity to drop in his inbox.

Armed with a 2:1 in Politics and a placard, he says he'll pitch up daily on the streets of Leicester until someone gives him a job.

He says he's been looking for a job for a couple of months now, sending out a lot of CVs, but without hearing back from employers. So he decided to get out with a board and ask for a job.

A solicitor wishes Luke some luck in his job search Credit: ITV News Central

There was definitely a degree of interest from passers-by:

I think the difficulty now is there's a lot of people looking for work, and if you get someone who's doing something a bit different it's showing that they're motivated, doing it off their own bat - clearly no-one's told him to do this.

That's an encouraging sign for anyone who's looking to employ somebody.

– Stuart Crumpler, a solicitor who noticed Luke's placard
Tom Harper brings Luke a drink while he's out on the hunt for a job Credit: ITV News Central

Childhood friend Tom Harper is on hand for moral support... and sustenance - when he's not working full time in his job as a team leader at a high street chemist.

You can't knock his commitment or his ambition. He says his ideal job would be the Prime Minister!

But recent research by shows four in ten graduates are still job-hunting after six months - this is a generation of graduates with more ambition than opportunity.