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Dramatic selfie reveals brave seven-year battle against cancer

Kathryn Cartwright Photo: BPM Media

23-year-old Kathryn Cartwright from Sutton Coldfield has been stubbornly battling leukaemia for seven years.

In her latest brave move, after falling from her wheelchair, she posted a defiant selfie showing her bruised and battered face. And added a brutal message to 'Cancer' on her cheek in eyeliner - telling the disease what she really thought about it.

"I am not going to let cancer ruin my life. I am sick of it ruining people’s lives, all the stupid side-effects.....It just makes me so angry. "

– Kathryn Cartwright

It was just this week that she marked seven years since she was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia with Monosomy 7 - with a 20% chance of survival.

But in another brave move she termed the day her ‘Cancerversary' and celebrated it with friends and family.

"Why should I be sad for a day that ultimately made my life shorter, but made me such a better person, and has given me such incredible things and people?”

– Kathryn Cartwright

She says she feels more positive about reaching her eighth 'Cancerversary', than her seventh, and is inspired by all the support she receives every day.

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