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Woman lost everything when e-cigarette set her flat alight

A woman lost everything when a fire broke out in her flat in Birmingham due to an electronic cigarette.

A fire broke out in Keeley Cooper's flat due to an electronic cigarette Credit: ITV News Central

Keeley Cooper, from Shard End, said she heard a bang and saw a flash as the e-cigarette was being charged while her sons were asleep in bed.

She is still in temporary accommodation six months on.

Keeley Cooper's flat after the fire broke out Credit: ITV News Central

Last October, a 68-year-old woman died in Chesterfield after a fire in her room which was linked to an e-cigarette battery overheating.

An image from Keeley Cooper's flat in Birmingham Credit: ITV News Central

Fire officers are calling for safety messages to be displayed on electronic cigarettes after a growing number of accidents involving the devices.

Figures show e-cigarettes were involved in more than 100 incidents in less than two years.

Keeley's flat Credit: ITV News Central