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Midlands entrepreneur making paper from elephant dung

A Black Country entrepreneur is making paper and craft items from elephant dung that she sources from Sri Lanka.

Linzi Mistry's paper and craft items made of elephant dung. Credit: BPM Media

Walsall’s Linzi Mistry also produces sheets made from rhino dung.

The products available at Linzi’s Goodall Street business, Pachamama Paper are helping keep the planet clean.

When I tell people what kind of paper I sell, it always raises a smile. But you can make paper out of any fibre – and there’s plenty of fibre in an elephant’s diet.

People tend to sniff the paper to see what it smells of, but it doesn’t smell of anything because it has been thoroughly cleaned. You can write on it, craft with it and it will go through printers.

The dung is brought over from Sri Lanka and processed at a mill in Hamstead.

– Linzi Mistry

Tuskers produce, on average, one tonne of waste each week.

The dung is collected boiled with natural ingredients which removes the bugs. It is then dried and turned into a pulp, which forms the basis of ‘Ellie poo paper’.

The process takes place at a mill that dates back to the 1200s, with sheets made up of 25 per cent dung, 75 per cent recycled paper.

Recycled paper is a good product for the environment. When it is thrown away it breaks down quicker than virgin paper and is bio-degradable.

It is also good because it helps people combat deforestation.

Recycled paper uses products that are already available and that’s what makes the difference.

– Linzi Mistry