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The Bullring statue will wear a new heart-themed outfit

The Bull will wear the new outfit from March 8th Credit: Birmingham City University

Visitors to Birmingham's Bullring shopping centre next week will notice the iconic Bull statue donning a new heart-themed outfit created by fashion students at Birmingham City University.

First-year Fashion Design students were tasked with creating a costume for the six-tonne Bull sculpture by Little Hearts Matter, Bullring's charity of the year.

Little Hearts Matter is a national UK charity offering help to those affected by the diagnosis of a single ventricle heart condition.

From initial antenatal diagnosis, through treatments and into life at home.

The Birmingham-based charity works with children, young adults and families to reduce the isolation, fear and lack of understanding created when a child is diagnosed as having half a working heart.

18 year-old Coral Newcombe impressed the Little Hearts Matter team with her outfit design, featuring puzzle pieces and an extended zip along the chest area.

"I undertook lots of research to get a real understanding of the charity, the work they do and the support they provide to families. The zip signifies the scarring that many children are left with after heart surgery and I included that on the outfit as a symbol of empowerment."

– Coral Newcombe

Coral created the outfit in three weeks with fellow students Lydia Dickinson, Georgette Hughes, Charlotte Mander and Milly McDowell.

"We've been so impressed with the professionalism of the students and the approach they've taken to the project.

With thanks to the students, we hope to raise lots of awareness of the work we do here at Little Hearts Matter and the challenges that children and young adults can face when diagnosed with half a working heart."

– Bal Kainth, Little Hearts Matter