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Resident's house 'shakes' following lorry explosion

Four fire crews tackled the fire on the A47. Photo: Michelle Pullin

A resident has described the moment her house 'shook' following a huge lorry explosion.

Michelle Pullin, from Hinckley, was going to bed around midnight last night when she heard a bang.

Ms Pullin, who also works as a photographer, took these photos of the blaze. Credit: Michelle Pullin
The HGV fire started in the engine. Credit: Michelle Pullin

I was walking upstairs to bed when there was an explosion and the whole house shook.

I looked out of the bedroom window and could see huge flames coming from the direction of the A47.

– Michelle Pullin
The explosion caused Ms Pullin's house to visibly shake. Credit: Michelle Pullin

Ms Pullen, a full time engineer, got within 25 yards of the fire which gutted the lorry.

Four fire crews were called out at 11.36pm last night and tackled the blaze on the A47 Dodswell Road until 5.30am today.