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Portrait of 'This Is England' star Jack O'Connell commissioned by National Portrait Gallery

The picture was taken at Jack O'Connell's family home in Derby. Credit: National Portrait Gallery

A new photograph of This Is England star Jack O'Connell has been commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.

The portrait, taken by photographer Tereza Cervenova, was commissioned through the John Kobal New Work Award, is awarded annually to a photographer under 35.

The picture was taken in the garden at O'Connell's family home in Derby.

It is intended to challenge the image of an angry youth that is associated with his acting roles such as the blue-collar teenager Pukey Nicholls in This Is England, a young murderer in Eden Lake and a drug addict in Harry Brown.

He is currently starring as Brick in a production of Tennessee Williams' Cat On A Hot Tin Roof at the Apollo Theatre in London.

In the picture O'Connell is reflected through a window as his torso apparently emerges intertwined with panels of a wooden fence.

The photograph will go on display at the gallery in 2018.

Jack O'Connell wants to challenge the perceptions of his 'angry youth' roles. Credit: PA

In portraiture my aim is always to manage to unveil what lies beneath the surface and meet the real person behind it and thanks to Jack's openness, seeing through the 'actor's shield' was both natural as well as effortless.

Jack was very generous not only with his time but also with his thoughts and stories.

It was great to have the full support and trust of the National Portrait Gallery and the John Kobal Foundation when it came to the execution and choice of the final portrait, which for me shows the juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability in a setting where the boundaries between the interior and the exterior are blurred and Jack emerges interlaced in both.

– Tereza Cervenova, photographer