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Family horrified watching burglary at home live on CCTV

A family say they were horrified when they saw a burglar rob their home while they sat helpless 130 miles away on holiday.

A close up of the thief inside the house, captured on CCTV Credit: BPM Media

Donna Marusamy was in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, with her family when she received an alert on her phone from the CCTV system at her home in Sutton Coldfield, just after 10pm on Friday 4 August.

Its sensors had detected movement in the back garden of the house, and 37-year-old Donna and her husband Nathan watched in shock as they saw a man break into their home.

The told police and family members straight away, while watching the hooded man, who walked with a limp, move through their house.

Items stolen include Nathan's wedding ring, and another wedding ring that belonged to his late father. A Rolex watch and Indian gold jewellery was also taken.

While the man was rummaging through the house, Donna's brother-in-law arrived and spoke to two people near the property, and asked them if they saw anyone run from the scene.

Police think these two men were acting as lookouts.

It's believed the thief hid himself when torches were shone into the home, and then fled before police arrived around 10 minutes later.

The video of the intruder has already been shared more than 3,000 times on social media, after Donna posted it in hope to find the burglar.

We had a notification on our phone and saw somebody in our back garden shining a torch light.

He got in through our conservatory and removed the glass and put it neatly to the side. Then he stepped inside.

I was horrified and scared, helpless. He walked straight past the CCTV camera. I panicked and thought ‘This is really happening!’.

We called my brother-in-law and the police, who had to come from Bloxwich.

My brother-in-law got there first, shone a light through the window and the burglar legged it.

I wish to god I hadn’t seen it unfold.It’s a violation of your own privacy. They just walk in but the repercussions are massive. Now, my children sleep in the same bed as me, in fear of someone coming into the home. It will take us time to feel safe in our home.

– Donna Marusamy