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Increased security at British MotoGP at Silverstone

Riders at the 2016 British MotoGP Photo: PA

Police in Northamptonshire say there will be increased security at next weekend's British MotoGP.

More than 130,000 motorcycling fans are expected to attend the event at Silverstone which begins next Friday.

Officers say it could take longer to get into the circuit because of extra searches.

The British MotoGP is the biggest motorcycling event in the UK and we are very lucky to host it here in Northamptonshire.

MotoGP comes on the back of a very successful policing operation at last month's British Grand Prix and we are hoping for something similar again.

Increased security this year means it may take a bit longer to enter the circuit as people will be subject to extra searches of their bags and their person. Safety is paramount and people are asked to be patient.

We will be deploying specialist assets such as covert police officers, overtly armed officers, a surveillance team and dogs, all to ensure that spectators have a safe and enjoyable experience.

– Superintendent Chris Hillery, Northamptonshire Police