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Family left covered in oil after theme park ride fails

The Tuckwell family had been enjoying a day at Twinlakes theme park. Credit: BPM Media

A family have described the moment a theme park ride failed, leaving them covered in hydraulic fluid.

The Tuckwell family from Countes-thorpe in Leicestershire were on a day trip to Twinlakes theme park in Melton when the incident happened.

Marilyn Tuckwell and three of her grandchildren were on the ride, which launches people into the air as they are seated before bringing them back down to the ground, when there was a loud bang.

The riders were then thrown several feet to the ground whilst still seated in the passenger compartment.

They were then covered in hydraulic fluid which started leaking from the ride.

It all happened in a few seconds, one minute we were up in the air, and the next a huge bang and we were down on the ground with fluid all over us.

It was very alarming and I was covered from head to toe in liquid and felt a burning sensation.

It petrified some children on the ride and now my grandchildren say they don’t want to go on another one.

– Marilyn Tuckwell

Twinlakes Theme Park was unavailable to comment.