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Romanian teenager reunites with UK hospital team who treated her as a baby

Cristina Concur made an emotional reunion with the team who treated her as a child. Credit: ITV News Central

A teenager from Romania has returned to the hospital where she had life-changing surgery as a baby.

Cristina Cocur was born with a cleft palate and lip and faced a life isolated from her community.

A couple from Burton Joyce in Nottingham raised over £6000 bring Cristina to the UK treated at Nottingham City Hospital.

She had little chance of receiving treatment in Romania, where she would probably have grown up shunned by her community.

Cristina underwent a five-hour complicated procedure. Credit: ITV News Central

The five hour procedure to repair the cleft palate was successful, and Cristina was soon recovering back on the ward.

After some time recuperating in hospital, Cristina and her family returned to Romania.

As a teenager, she is is studying hard and pursuing a career in IT.

I want to say a big thank you. We are now in our house, but with my heart I am in Burton Joyce and in Nottingham.

– Cristina Concur's mother, speaking in 2001
A couple from Nottingham raised enough money for Cristina to be treated in the UK. Credit: ITV News Central

Nearly sixteen years later, Cristina's family have returned to Nottingham.

Cristina has had to have another operation as part of her ongoing treatment, but it also a chance to catch up with those who looked after her so well.

She's a lovely young lady and she's quite a character. She has been learning English for a year and her English is very good.

I think she's a very impressive person and it's really nice to have had some part in contributing to get her to the state that she's in now.

– Mark Henley, Plastic surgeon who treated Cristian
Cristina is studying hard and hopes to pursue a career in IT. Credit: ITV News Central