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Nine-year-old died after eating fish fingers inquest hears

Mohammed Ashraf was served the meal at Al Hijrah School in Bordesley Green. Credit: West Midlands Police

An inquest has heard how a nine-year-old boy died after being served fish fingers for his school dinner.

Mohammad Ismaeel Ashraf, who was known as Ismaeel, suffered a suspected allergic reaction at Al Hijrah School in Bordesley Green in Birmingham on March 3 earlier this year.

Birmingham Coroners Court heard that the school were aware of Ismaeel's condition but that canteen staff did not have a care procedure in case he fell ill.

Deborah Park, from the contractor, Caterlink, said staff knew that he could not eat dairy products. He wore a lanyard stating dairy.

Ms Park stated that Ismaeel had regularly eaten fish and chips and had never suffered a reaction.

She said:

When I looked in the care plan after his death, I was shocked to discover he was allergic to fish.

– Deborah Park, catering manager
Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham. Credit: BPM Media

Ismaeel's father, Tehseen Ashraf, told the court that his son was allergic to some fish, kiwi fruit, all dairy products and all nuts.

Mr Ashraf said Ismaeel regularly ate white fish and he had only ever had an allergic reaction after eating tuna in brine.

The inquest heard the school knew of all Ismaeel’s allergies and that he was one of seven pupils at the school who had care plans outlining what should happen if they fell ill.

But Ms Park said that, as far as she knew, none of the canteen staff had ever read the plans, even though a copy was in the canteen.

The inquest continues.